Univision Interview

News Anchor: To return to society, after fighting in combat is a true fight for lots of veterans, especially if they suffer from Post Traumatic Stress. But now, as Rebeca Suarez is telling us, there is a therapy available that can help to put their lives together. Listen:

Narrator: They are stones, which signify the big burden they carry in their hearts due to traumatic experiences in combat.

Veteran 1: (This one is for my PTSD)* One is for the post traumatic disorder that I suffer, said Brad Bush a soldier that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, war conflicts that leave their mark when soldiers return home. According to this doctor from the Veteran’s Hospital in Houston, Post Traumatic Stress is a barrier to re-enter society.

Dr. Carlo: When you go to war, what are you going to do? You are going to go and kill another person, those thoughts keep them from sleeping, and several get depressed.

Narrator: One way for war veterans to face the trauma that keeps them from achieving internal freedom, is to come aboard a sail boat just like this one, receiving therapy through the water.

The wind blowing, the sea breeze and the waves from Galveston are part of the treatment these soldiers receive.

Capt. Dave: It’s a relaxing experience that calms them (It’s a soothing experience)*

Narrator: This soldier is telling us that he lost several partners during war. In Brad’s case the post traumatic stress, impedes him from restarting his life.

Brad: It’s a constant struggle, you can’t sleep, and it affects everything. (It’s a struggle)*

Narrator: During the ride in the sailboat, the veterans keep in their hands the stones that they carefully selected, one by one throw each rock in the ocean, and each one of them takes the weight off from their pain, with a kiss this soldier says goodbye to a past that he hopes will remain buried in the deepest of the sea. Rebeca Suarez, Univision

News Anchor: The Sailing Angels organization offers these free services for veterans, if you would like to help or more information about this agency, visit the webpage on your screen Sailingangels.org or call the telephone 281-507-1867

* Said in English