Waterford Harbor Community – Claiborne

CONTACT: Capt. Chip, (832) 922-2094

LOCATION: Waterford Harbor Community, 718 Harborside Way, Kemah, TX 77565

From Route 2094 (aka Marina Bay.): At 1600 Marina Bay Drive, turn onto Compass Rose, which leads into Waterford Harbor. Stop at the Guard station, give them your name, and tell the guard that you are visiting Chip Claiborne
Once passing the security gate, proceed forward, ¾ way around the circle, and bear right onto Waterford Way. Pass Harborside Circle and make the next Right onto Harborside Way.

Proceed down, past the Southport & Northport intersections, and veer to the Right near the end, past the pond/mailbox kiosk. Capt. Chip’s residence is in that cul de sac (on the right): 718 Harborside Way. (The ‘718’ marker is near the curb; Also, LSU banner near door.)

CALL Capt. Chip, (832) 922-2094, and announce your arrival. In turn, he will come greet you.