2015 Sponsors


to Our 2015 Institutional

and Individual Benefactors


Rear Admiral (10,000+)

Albert  & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation


Admiral ($5,000+)

Blue Marlin Sailing School (In Kind)

OF Testing LLC

Valero – Benefit for Children

The Arena Energy Foundation

The West Endowment

Shake Russell (In Kind)

Commanders ($1,000+)

Herman D. Pollock Family Foundation

Houston Assoc. of Professional Landmen

Debbie & Richard Leturno

Charles Adam

Shell Oil Co. Foundation – Matching Gifts


Jerry Simoneaux

Pamela Silverthron

Jane & Carl Overy

Marge & Dave McCabe


Steve Black

Gregory & Jill Businelle


Lieutenants ($500+)

Terry Blair
Lisa & Gary Sostack

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Little Yacht Sales (In Kind)

Jim Blanchard (In Kind)

Ensigns ($250+)

Donna Cariker (Caleb Cariker Memorial)

Burney Lee

Banks Sails (In Kind)

Changing Hearts and Minds Program

Walter & Cathie Stark

Carmen & Juan Moreno

Sue Winkler

Guy Hoover (In Kind)

Mike & Barbara Kopec

The Eric & Isabelle Mayer Charitable Fund

The Arc of Greater Houston

Sundowner Canvas (In Kind)

Jake Revell’s Celebration

Stix N’ Rig’n (In Kind)

Windward Sea Venture (In Kind)

Port Supply (In Kind)

Seamen ($100+)

Christy Brewer

Gennie & Justin Busse

AIG Matching Grant Program

Fluor Matching Grant

Grub Burger Bar (In Kind)

Jacah’s Transportation Fundraiser

Debbie Hughes (In Honor of Jake Revell)

Kristin & Luke Ford

Karen Frisenda

Chuck Howell

Penni Nickles

Mary & Roger Demeny

R.L. & Jeanne Newsom

Mary Ellen Reid

Peggy Gordon

Cynthia & Bruce Jansen

Larry Weinstein

Jason & Cathy May

David Leamon

Terry Smith

Brenda Hamilton


Angel Hollaway

Eva Gallegos

Charles Williams

Connie Wiedeman

Donna & Bob DiAntonio

Delores Mack